Project Logistics

No two cargo transportations are the same.

Especially if your cargo is heavy and complex. From the loading, unloading and delivery, every single project requires a substantial amount of planning.

We help you to achieve your transportation objectives through customized solutions. Before commencing, we plan every step of the logistical journey based on your preferences, our experiences and industry best practices.

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What Can You Expect From Our Projects Logistics Service?

No matter your transport requirements, how heavy or complex the cargo is, the end result is the same: we make sure that your cargo reaches its destination safely and soundly.

We have transported cargo of different types and sizes all over the world, including China, Africa and South-East Asia.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy As Our Project Logistics Partner?

Advanced Engineering And Chartering Solutions

Large-scale industrial cargo presents challenges, which we easily overcome through advanced engineering and chartering solutions.

Risk Assessment

The safety of your cargo is of the utmost importance to us. Every project is planned meticulous down to the last detail, to cater for all possible risks, outcomes and results. No stone is left unturned.

Comprehensive Route And Site Surveys

Your optimal transport route is determined through a series of site surveys, in which factors like climate, distance and terrain are key considerations.

Fast Customs Clearance

We ensure that your cargo clears customs quickly at both origin and destination, regardless of the country, due to our in-depth knowledge on cargo regulations and requirements.